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Understanding Your Choices

In this section we seek to provide useful information on buying a home. Our aim is to help you make relative comparisons of properties and to become informed enough to make educated judgments and decisions.  Our goal is to lay out, in a common sense way, many of the practical issues relating to finding, offering, and closing on a home.

Greater Boston is a diverse market comprised of many different communities each with their unique character. Having a basic understanding about a community, a Boston Homeneighborhood, a specific street or buildings puts you as a buyer in a position where, when you begin to view individual properties, you do so in an overall context of the market segment from which you are selecting. If you do not have hands-on knowledge of an area as you begin to view properties, it makes sense to learn about the elements of the market as well as the specific properties.

Being advised by your agent on general real estate trends as well as specific property sales enables you to have a developed frame of reference from which you can make decisions. Using our website to search for new listings is a great way to get started. Town and city information can be found on the web at

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